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We Believe in the Art of the Possible

Why does UpTop exist?

John Sloat, our CEO, had an epiphany while attending college that people should do work they love. Work that inspires them, while challenging their skill sets and expanding their view of the world. He also wanted to be in the business of helping people.

In the year 2000 he co-founded his first digital products company, Peak Systems. Qwest's various projects had led him to realize the need for developers and designers that could scale and build things efficiently. The ever-changing world we live in and the user experience humans have with technology inspired John to create the team that you now know as UpTop.

In 2019 the division UpTop Health was created to focus on creating effortless digital experiences for Healthcare Payers, Providers and their Customers. Our move into healthcare is driven by a need that we see in the market. Our Founder has personal experience with this need. After two major medical events during which John received professional, compassionate care from all of his doctors, nurses and medical staff, he was struck by the challenges he faced with his hospital's website and insurance company's portal. They needed to be better, and John realized that UpTop could make them better. So we launched UpTop Health to make that happen.

At the core of UpTop, we are your guides to the digital jungle. Your sherpas helping you, and your users, navigate the internet. Through the years we have cultivated a team of nerds. We love tinkering, staying curious, innovating. The art of the possible is always at the back of our minds as we solve problems, and dig deeper to find the ones you didn’t realize you had. 

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