Why CEO’s Cannot Be Skeptical About Budgeting For UX

Halfway through 2017, savvy organizations are already laying the foundation for their 2018 strategies and building the budgets that will help them reach their goals. In Part 1 of this series we examined a few ways that UX research and design can be imperative for helping organizations succeed, despite the fact that many CEOs remain skeptical about allotting for it in their budgets.

But consumers and business operations are ever changing, and the need for UX is greater than ever. Read on for three more reasons why CEOs cannot be skeptical about budgeting for UX in 2018.

Strong UX drives consumer trust

Trust is key in any relationship, and the business world is no different. If recent figures from a McAnn study are to believed, there are a lot of companies out there that need to suture relationships with their customers. According to a recent McAnn study, nearly half of Americans find brands and companies less truthful today than at any point in the last 20 years. Further, 48 percent stated that brands need a strong identity and a clear role.

CEOs cannot be skeptical about budgeting for UX in 2018 because adhering to sound development and design principles will help remove the chaos from your websites, applications and internal systems. Working with UX researchers will help you isolate and amend characteristics that make users question your reputability, engendering greater trust in your customer base.

Better UX can mitigate customer service issues

The growth of the Information Age hasn’t simply made for more educated consumers. They also have greater expectations too. The demand for a quality experience and seamless service is now driving a surge in spending in the customer service industry, and may be a pressing concern for any CEO preparing a 2018 budget. In fact, contact center spending is poised to triple from 2016 to 2021. But your business doesn’t have to rethink the wheel when it comes to customer service. Adhering to UX best practices will ensure that your users have an easier time autonomously finding the information they need to make the right purchasing decision when they need it, mitigating the risk for poor customer service.

UX projects can be scaled to your budget

CEOs may also worry about making UX work a staple of their 2018 budget because they view it as an “all-or-none” proposition. However, user experience development and design is in fact incredibly scalable. In order to make UX fit with your broader organizational goals, simply highlight several recognizable pain points with your websites, applications or various internal systems. A slight tweak can have a noticeable impact on your bottom line, which can in turn give you more budgetary flexibility in the years to come and build upon your current plans.

Compelling the decision makers in your organization to make the investment in UX is critical, but it is only the beginning. Learn how a UX design agency can help your business succeed in 2018.