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When the Apple Watch was first announced in September 2014, UpTop employees brainstormed on what types of applications were enabled by its new user interface and interaction model. A key aspect of a majority of the ideas was how quick visibility coupled with timely information could enhance a person’s day to day schedule by removing the need to interrupt ongoing activities to attain said information. Seattle Sound Transit already had a fantastic open source API in place for the city transit, so we leveraged the existing system to provide an additional resource for commuters by way of our BusMe Apple Watch app. Designed with the user in mind, we have created an app that allows time sensitive information that is delivered through seamless integration that any commuter will appreciate.

Project Info

Created by UpTop
User Research, UX Design, Mobile App Development, Quality Assurance, Marketing
iOS (Swift)
Mobile App, Apple Watch
UpTop BusMe mass transit app

A Preemptive Design

UpTop explored the dynamics and capabilities of the Apple Watch ahead of its public release and created a concise user experience based around the limitations and capabilities of the device, all designed to give the user the best possible experience. We expanded its utility by developing an iPhone application both to elevate the BusMe experience on Apple Watch, and to serve as a standalone application for use on an iPhone using the TodayView Extension.

A key component of the mobile app is to predict which bus stop the user is intending to view, present the stop’s scheduled arrivals, and subsequently calculate the walking time it will take to get to that stop. This information coupled with BusMe’s slick and intuitive interface provides a one of a kind experience for Seattle commuters to enjoy.

Harnessing Technology to Provide an Intuitive Experience

BusMe is a native application designed for Apple Watch and iPhone. It utilizes Sound Transit’s public API for real-time bus arrival information for the Puget Sound to provide users with a streamlined and tailored view into their bus commute’s timetable. The application’s focus is centered on the user’s location in relation to where they need to be to catch the bus. The user interface of navigating bus departure times and geolocation has been distilled to the small screen of the Apple Watch with considerations for the limited interactions that are available on such a device.
With BusMe, commuters are able to quickly and effortlessly:
  • View location-based bus departure times on their Watch face
  • See accurately calculated ‘walk times’ between their current location and their desired bus stop
  • Use GPS-enabled maps to identify and favorite their most used bus stops
  • Find and use bus stops and routes for all buses in Seattle / King County / Puget Sound.
  • Save their most commonly used bus stops, filter routes, and access departure times for those particular stops.

The Results: Helping Users Through Positive Innovation

BusMe helps hundreds of local commuters with busy schedules make sure they don’t miss their next bus. The app has received positive reviews on the App Store, and has been covered by local publications including GeekWire and Seattle24x7.

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