A Centralized Platform for Alternative Dispute Resolution

Creating JAMS Access

JAMS is a leading alternative dispute-resolution company whose users include judges, attorneys, and case managers. Historically, these groups have relied on a disparate set of third-party tools to manage their dispute resolution workflow. They asked UpTop to design their own centralized platform that would bring those capabilities into a single repository with the ability to interface with critical external systems.

To better understand the complex workflows of JAMS users, we conducted a series of user interviews. From there, we created a set of detailed personas. Using these insights, we were able to plot out a holistic journey map of users’ workflows from a case’s inception to its closing, including all the actions and touch points in between. A design thinking workshop allowed all of the key stakeholders and users to align on an overall vision and contribute their expert point of view, helping to create a better end product.

After the envisioning work was approved by leadership, UpTop worked with JAMS on the feature design work for the MVP release of their new centralized platform called JAMS Access. With JAMS Access, parties will be able to file all case documents in a central repository, access documents 24/7 from any internet-connected device, send email notifications regarding case activity, view and pay invoices, and more. 

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