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Founded in 1975, Microsoft is a multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computers and services. Now a ubiquitous household name, Microsoft has more than 118,000 employees worldwide. Their Partner Network Portal is used by 430,000 Microsoft Partners all around the globe in order to manage their business endeavors in a wide array of manners and circumstances. Its scope includes marketing, software licensing, and training.

Project Info


Value Obscured by a Disjointed Experience

The Microsoft Partner Network Portal (MPN) is the value exchange medium between Microsoft and its hundreds of thousands of worldwide Partners. When Microsoft engaged UpTop, their existing MPN experience was disparate and disjointed, and they wanted to make the MPN the principal business hub through which all Partners would interact with Microsoft. Together, these factors necessitated a thorough analysis and subsequent top-to-bottom portal redesign.

Microsoft came to UpTop because of our depth of experience in both user experience and portal design, and we were confident that we could provide them with an improved platform that met all of their needs.

A Portal Redesigned with User in Mind

UpTop worked closely with the MPN Team to redesign the portal (2012-2014) with the goal of improving the user experience, and to create an overall more effective and enjoyable portal for the end users.

The Results: An Experience Worthy of its Users

The new portal serves both Microsoft’s – and their partners’ – needs. Some of the highlighted accomplishments include:
  • Created a unified experience through strategic optimization of the portal
  • Modular design templates that are highly reusable
  • Responsive design supports multiple form factors
  • Alignment and compression of formerly disparate and disjointed experiences
  • 428 pages retired, replaced by 108 redesigned or new pages
  • Incorporating personalization, customization, business intelligence, improved navigation, clearer page hierarchy and modernized look and feel

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